Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: None <>
From: John W. Price <pricej@CEBAF.GOV>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/09/1995 19:04:40
Allen Briggs writes:

>I'd like to see some people try out the kernel on
>in pub/test/netbsd.040895.  This kernel should allow keyboard input on
>IIci's.  I'd like to know if it also works on the IIsi, IIvx, or
>anything else (IIx?) that's not worked with the MRG kernels before
>(don't get your hopes up)-:

Well, I tried it on my IIsi, and it doesn't work.  Here are the messages I got:

[ preserving 80975 bytes of netbsd symbol table ]
DEBUG: Console initialized.
Low = 0x4000000, high = 0x4ff8000
Low = 0x50000, high = 0x58000
16777216 bytes available (4096 pages)
Log = 0xf9000000, Phys = 0xf9000000, Len = 0x5e00000 (98566144)
Log = 0xfee00000, Phys = 0x0, Len = 0xffff0000 (-65536)
Log = 0xfee10000, Phys = 0x8000, Len = 0x48000 (294912)
Log = 0xfee58000, Phys = 0x0, Len = 0xfff58000 (-688128)
Log = 0xfef00000, Phys = 0xfef00000, Len = 0x100000 (1048576)
  Video address = 0xfee08000
  Weird mapping starts at 0xfee08000
  Length = 0x50000 (327680) bytes
DEBUG: 68030 - MMU mapping parsed.
DEBUG: Got memory size as passed from Booter.
DEBUG: preparing new MMU context.
DEBUG: clearing TT registers...
DEBUG: about to set MMU control (hold your breath).
DEBUG: yay!  MMU enabled with new mapping.
DEBUG: MMU flushed.
DEBUG: calling pmap_bootstrap() ...
DEBUG: done.
DEBUG: invalidating TLB.
DEBUG: activating cache(s).
DEBUG: calling setmachdep().
DEBUG: done.
DEBUG: enabling interrupts.

Now, it's certainly possible that I did something else wrong; I tried it
with the screen depth set both to 8-bit and 1-bit; I disabled "Auto-size
RAM" and set it to 1MB less than I have (17Mb); I do have an FPU installed.
Anything else I should be looking at?

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