Subject: Re: quadra
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Christopher M. Hanson <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 02/23/1995 15:51:36
Excerpts from internet.listserv.macbsd-development: 18-Feb-95 Re: quadra
by Allen Briggs@puma.bevd.b 
> > Does anyone know if/when NCR expects to make the documentation available
> > again?    I haven't called NCR at 408-980-0414 lately-- has anyone else?
> I haven't called 'em recently--got disgusted.  You might try posting on
> comp.periphs.scsi or something to see if anyone has docs that they don't
> need anymore...

Also, the last I checked the Mach distributions contained lots of device
drivers and all that.  I know there was one for 53c80 in there; I think
there was also one for 53c96.  You could get it off (I think)


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