Subject: Re: macbsdand the hfs
To: grantham <>
From: Rob Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/26/1995 19:02:55
At 6:18 AM 9/7/36, grantham wrote:
>> I have only seen this message when booting w/o 32-bit mode.  I plan to
>> work on this when I get a chance [...]
>> [...] this is not really acceptable behavior, and I plan to work on
>> it when I get a chance.
>I don't think there's any need to beat ourselves around the shoulders
>with farm equipment just because we require 32-bit mode.  System 7.5 has
>Mode32 integrated (doesn't it?) and it's not that hard to install.  I
>think some of our other requirements are probably in need of more adjustment,
>like requiring a II-class machine.

No, but Mode-32 7.5 is on

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