Subject: Re: macbsdand the hfs
To: Chris G Demetriou <Chris_G_Demetriou@LAGAVULIN.PDL.CS.CMU.EDU>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/25/1995 14:39:18
> > I think some of our other requirements are probably in need of more
> > adjustment, like requiring a II-class machine. 
> Umm, except that you _can_ (probably) change the fact that you require
> 32-bit mode -- it's an inconvenience, annoying to some.

See below.

> You can't change the fact that you need a II-class machine, complete
> with PMMU.  the 68000 doesn't have any support for restarting
> instructions after faults, so you're just screwed unless you happen to
> have two 68k's in parallel, one running slightly behind the other...
> you also need the PMMU (or '030 mmu, etc.) to do paging...  period.

I meant that we currently require you to *not* have a Centris, or
a Quadra, or a PowerMac.  I would much rather relax the requirement that
you use an older machine, so that users can run MacBSD on their Quadra
or Centris or Performa or PowerBook, than bother with fixing the 32-bit
requirement.  (Although 24-bit mode compatibility may result from
fixes for other machines, so it's probably not a big deal.)

I *really* didn't mean it to be THAT subtle; maybe one or both of us
needs more sleep?

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