Subject: Re: macbsdand the hfs
To: Keenan Brock <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/25/1995 09:21:33
[ Note that most of this is best for macbsd-development, not
  macbsd-general.  I have set the Reply-To to macbsd-development
  in the hope that if it becomes a thread, it will move there... ]

> 1 Someone mentioned that there was a hack out there that allowed a program to
> use the hfs file system much like we use the ufs system from the mac.
> Anyone know where I can get this code?  Look for hfs.tar.gz or something like
that.  It allows you to copy files from the MacOS partition, but not
write files to it.  There are too many "undocumented" or "reserved for
the finder" fields in the documentation that was used for that utility.

> Also where do i get the HFS specific information... The low level stuff
> that people like norton and macTools use.

Most of the information used for this utility came from Inside Mac.  The
rest was figured out by filling in the gaps with educated guesswork.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Lawrence...  ;-)

> 2 If we want the bsd side to load from the mac partition, wouldn't it be
> good to add disk drive support first.  If I install i'd like to do it from
> disks rather than a hard drive.

Go for it.  I don't want to get near the floppy.

> 3 Some one said it would be cool if macbsd was on cd-rom.  Well it is.  I
> saw it mentioned somewhere on the codewarior cd.  I'll post information
> when I find it.

It's on at least two discs...  Destination: Internet and BSDisc.  It's
probably on others, too.  Just about anything that's up for FTP these
days is.  I haven't really looked at it, yet, but Celestin did go
through some trouble to make sure that there's some useful information
on the Destination: Internet disc on where to get more info, etc.

> 4 Where is the filesystem drivers for the ufs file system stuff in the
> source tree?  With this and the HFS hack it seems quite plausable to make
> the bsd mini-kernel install not TOO hard.

/usr/src/sys/ufs/ufs.  You might also look in any of the following
directories under /usr/src/sys for examples of filesystem
implementation.  You might not want to start with something as
complicated as the ufs:

adosfs	(AmigaDOS)

> If we want to support a ton of filesystems we can just look at the linux
> code.  They suport hundreds.  We should support minux and ms-dos IMHO

I don't see a good reason to support msdosfs until we have floppy
support, but I think that the code that's there has undergone some
scrutiny for endianness and should work.  I don't see much call for
Minix filesystems, either, but you're welcome to work on it.


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