Subject: Re: AUX partitions
To: Dan Menchaca <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/23/1995 20:12:09
> >Alot of stuff from A/UX, ( escpecially the ability to
> >create and use hybrid applications ), would be more useful if ported over
> >to MacBSD than they currently are as parts of A/UX.
> Good luck.  I doubt they'll incorperate any of those features.  Most of the
> time I get Apple hatred or an ego like: 'I can do it better' (Linux guys) when
> I suggest things to groups like this.  

Ummm...  Am I misunderstanding the "they" in that statement, or were you
referring to the NetBSD/mac68k maintainers?  If I'm not, all I can say
is that I haven't seen such a contribution.  Did you send it to me?  Was
it lost in the mail?  I'm happy to look at contributions and usually
incorporate them--sometimes with minor changes.

> I hope later for an ABI
> compatability across all 68K UNIXes.  I thought AUX would be a good basis, but
> I guess there's some techical issues involved that wouldn't make this
> plausible.

All the above (well, except using A/UX as the basis) is a laudable goal--
especially where there are good commercial products available for the
platform in question.  There is binary compatibility with SUNOS.  When
things settle down, I'd like to work on MachTen binary compatibility.
That shouldn't be too hard to accomplish as MachTen and NetBSD are
similar systems.  A/UX will be more "fun," and, again, I'd like to see
someone attempt it--perhaps sticking to the A/UX native apps, first ;-)


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