Subject: AUX partitions
To: Peter Brewer <>
From: Dan Menchaca <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/23/1995 15:39:14
Message Subject:
AUX partitions                                                        29#162#

>>I think that going with AUX partitions would be smart.  This technology
>>and is supported by a variety of SCSI formatters and drivers. 

>Which is, of course, SysVr2-r3, supporting heterogeneous file systems as a
>specification. Alot of stuff from A/UX, ( escpecially the ability to
>create and use hybrid applications ), would be more useful if ported over
>to MacBSD than they currently are as parts of A/UX.

Good luck.  I doubt they'll incorperate any of those features.  Most of the
time I get Apple hatred or an ego like: 'I can do it better' (Linux guys) when
I suggest things to groups like this.  

I think it's good that AUX partitions are used.  I hope later for an ABI
compatability across all 68K UNIXes.  I thought AUX would be a good basis, but
I guess there's some techical issues involved that wouldn't make this


PS - As far as 68K Mac Linux goes, it's a joke.  I suggested studying AUX. 
The guy thinks AUX runs on top of the MacOS.  Gesh.