Subject: Re: More on Mac-side stuff
To: Peter Brewer <>
From: Dan Menchaca <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/20/1995 13:47:20
Message Subject:
RE>>More on Mac-side stuff                                            29#162#

>>>1) Partition the HD with some existing software. Apple does not follow the
>>It should all be done from a floppy.

>As far as I know, most partitioning software prefers (or requires) that it
>be run from a device other than the one being partitioned.

>My point here is that the partition format of Apple HD's is NOT compatible
>with that of MSDOS or Unix. I therefore feel that we should not even
>attempt to supply this product. There are a number of very good disk
>formatters that are available. Let's direct the user to one of them so that
>they do not mess up their ability to run the MacOS.

>IMHO, this is a pre-installation consideration.

There is a formatting software that'll format DOS partitions in addition to
Mac partitions on the same disk.  I'm not sure that it'll boot DOS though,
since Mac and DOS use different partitioning schemes.  I could be feasable to
format a DOS extended partition that DOS  and have will recognize MacOS

I think that going with AUX partitions would be smart.  This technology works
and is supported by a variety of SCSI formatters and drivers.