Subject: Re: Using the Installer
To: Stan Shebs <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/16/1995 22:19:27
[ I'm sending this back to macbsd-development because it really doesn't
  belong in macbsd-general... ]

> How exactly does one make files that the Installer can use?  I would have
> thought any gzipped tar file would work, but no - I get
> 	Invalid compressed data--format violated 1

Are you sure that the file is a binary file with the gzipped data in the
data fork of the file?

> Also as a general question, is anyone working on the install and boot
> programs?  I have some experience with Mac programming, and could help
> make the code be more "Mac-like" etc.

You're welcome to it.  All the Mac-side programs need an overhaul--I'd
like to see both fsck and install combined into one program (maybe with
basic disk partitioning thrown in although this is neither necessary nor
particularly desirable).  The booter should probably be kept separate,
but both could share a library to read/write ufs data.  They should also
be updated to use the new level-2 ufs (the installer still writes level-1).

Someone else has expressed interest in working on this, and y'all might
want to work on spec'ing a new install process (it might be nicest to
have the actual install process boot with a RAM disk loaded and install
from w/in a running kernel or a mini-partition loaded into the swap
partition as a 1-4MB "install" filesystem.  Go to it!


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