Subject: Re: Request- AUX support
To: None <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Richard Todd <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/10/1995 22:37:00
>Can MacBSD users run AUX apps.  

Nope (not unless someone sneaked it in in the past couple of months, anyway,
which is pretty unlikely.)  Supporting A/UX apps would be decidedly
non-trivial.  I'm not sure it'd even be possible without copies of the A/UX
shared libraries, which would mean you'd need to have a licensed copy of 
A/UX in order to run A/UX binaries (or at least any that used shlibs.)

>This would be a cool feature.  Especially for
>the official binary standard stuff goes.  I think AUX would be a good model. 
>Who knows, maybe commercial app vendors may be attracted. ;-0

Yeah, both of them. :-) And, um, what official binary standard are you
thinking of, anyway? 

A/UX support would be nice, but it's decidedly non-trivial (you'd have to 
emulate all the System V braindamage, not to mention getting all the 
/dev/whatever entries to look like A/UX, and doing something about the
shlib situation.)   And given that practically all the major apps most A/UX
users run came off the net anyway (and are probably easier to find NetBSD
ports of than A/UX ports anyway :-), what's the point?  (I can think of one
major exception: mac32, the MacOS emulator under A/UX.  But that, I suspect,
depends on so much undocumented device driver/syscall stuff that any hope of
getting it to run on a non-A/UX system is pretty slim.)

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