Subject: Re: Gone for a while...
To: None <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/29/1994 15:06:23
At 10:20 AM 12/29/94, Allen Briggs wrote:
>Just to let y'all know, I'm gonna be off the air for a while...
>I won't even be reading mail for about two weeks, starting sometime
>on Friday, Dec. 30.

Does this mean I should get my questions in now???  :-)

I just installed 1.0, sup'ed -current last night, and built a kernel fixing
the sun->sunos stuff along the way today.

A successful compile means I should have a successful boot right?  Not!

The kernel stops right after the "swapping & swapdev =" lines are displayed
during boot.

The mrg kernel works ok.  I have an SE/30, 8MB, Q540, Q230, and an Asante
Ethernet Card.

Are there other changes required to bring the kernel up to current?

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