Subject: Re: X11R6/Mono available on
To: None <,>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/22/1994 20:42:08
On Dec 21, 11:56am, Brad "With Half The Fat Of The Leading Brand" Gran wrote:
>So here's what I've got!
>	- /usr/X11R6 from a working MacBSD 1.0 system
>	- works with three-button mice (my Animas MacPro, anyway)
>	- works well with the MRG kernels
>	- should work with any display "dt" works with
>	- missing xdm, but I think that's it
>	- the archive is 16 megabytes, compressed, and
>	- will come to 30-40 uncompressed on your hard disk
>	- must (should) be installed on a working MacBSD 1.0
>		(may work on -current, I dunno)

I'm running -current (kernel: Dec. 3, binaries: Dec. 12), on a Mac II,
Toby video, and it seems to run just fine.  All I need now is a three-
button mouse, and to figure out where to patch so I get my arrow keys

One note of caution: If you have your system set up to do a 'stty rows 34',
you'll want to wrap that in an if/then/else because the xterms are 24 rows.
In csh, for example (tailor to your liking):

  if ($TERM == "xterm") then
    stty rows 24
    stty rows 34

And it definitely helps if you're familiar with X; documentation is not


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