Subject: X11R6/Mono available on
To: None <,>
From: With Half The Fat Of The Leading Brand <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/21/1994 11:56:13
Merry Christmas (et al)!

Now available: X11R6/Mono for NetBSD/Mac68k!

Okay.  I've been kind of ignoring it for several months, hoping I'd
get up enough initiative to work on color and multiple monitor
support.  Aside from the fact that I don't have another monitor
and the one I *do* have is gray-scale, I've been kind of shying
from any MacBSD development.

I'm going away now on holiday, but I thought I'd leave everyone
with what I've got, which works pretty well and maybe will make
a fun Christmas/Hannukha/Non-denominational-Holiday-Celebration

You should be able to find my X archive at (and "ncftp" will handle
this address):

So here's what I've got!
	- /usr/X11R6 from a working MacBSD 1.0 system
	- works with three-button mice (my Animas MacPro, anyway)
	- works well with the MRG kernels
	- should work with any display "dt" works with
	- missing xdm, but I think that's it
	- the archive is 16 megabytes, compressed, and
	- will come to 30-40 uncompressed on your hard disk
	- must (should) be installed on a working MacBSD 1.0
		(may work on -current, I dunno)

Here are installation instructions for using the MacBSD Installer:
	- Download X11R6.122094.tgz from wherever to your Mac
	- Run MacBSD Installer
	- Enter the "Mini Shell" using the "File" menu
	- Type "cd /usr"
	- Type "zinstall"
	- Select the X11R6 tgz file from the Open File dialog
	- When finished installing, type "quit"
	- Select "Quit" from the File menu
	- Launch MacBSD, log in as root
	- log out of "dt" so you are using the raw console
	- Type "set path=($path /usr/X11R6)" or
	  "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11R6"
	- Type "startx"
	- Enjoy!

Here are installation intructions for using MacBSD directly:
	- Download/FTP X11R6.122094.tgz
	- type:
		cd /usr ; tar zvpf X11R6.122094.tgz
	- log out of "dt" so you are using the raw console
	- Type "set path=($path /usr/X11R6)" or
	  "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11R6"
	- Type "startx"
	- Enjoy!

If you have any trouble, keep it to yourself until January 10th,
when I get back.
Possible problems you may encounter:
	- 3-button mice may not work quite right...
	- may not work with your XXX video card, especially if dt crashes,
		but it *is* different code; can't hurt to try it if you
		can spare 40M.
	- If you don't know what you are doing, you may be able to
		kill all the applications and get yourself stuck with
		no way to exit X.  If so, try this handy exit scheme:
	    1) press debugger button
	    2) type "call sync"
	    3) type "call boot"
		It will reboot you but your file system will be okay.
	- i haven't tried it with an ordinary 1.0 kernel.  There
		may be problems with a possible timing bug in the
		1.0/non-MRG /dev/adb which causes screen flickers
		and redraws because of random screensaver timeouts

I'll try and make some time to clean this up in 1995.

		-Brad Grantham and
		December 20th, 1994
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