Subject: Mac ROM Glue stuff again...
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/03/1994 14:53:51
I have done some work on the kernel last night and today.  There is a
semi-real usec delay function now (instead of a busy loop that wasn't
close to right ;-).  I have utilized this in the scsi driver (5380) so
it should be a bit faster at selection, at least--all 'round at best.

Also, I have integrated Brad Grantham's "Mac ROM Glue" changes (hence
the subject of this letter).  Sun-lamp is down as I write this--or at
least as far as I can tell--so I can't check the changes in, yet.  I
hope to do that as soon as sun-lamp is back up.  In the meantime, I'd
like some people to try the test at:

It works for keyboard input on my PowerBook 145 (which has FPU problems,
of course, but the keyboard works ;-) and my Mac II.  I'll be trying it
on my Q700, too, but that won't work 'cause of the missing SCSI driver.

Anyway, if you have problems with it, let me know.

BTW, this is a netbsd-current kernel, so w, ps, and friends won't be
pleased with the kernel symbols...

Enough rambling...  I'm going to look at integrating Brad Parker's
ethernet changes.  Jeff, do you have anything to add to those?


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