Subject: Re: seeking 68040 references
To: None <>
From: Eylon Caspi <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/02/1994 17:38:48
At 6:40 PM 12/1/94, Eylon Caspi wrote:

>         What is/are the essential references for the 68040 chip and 680x0
> family?  And what might be a good place to get them?  All I have right now
> is the "M68000 8/16/32-bit Microprocessor User's Manual," 6th Ed.

	Thanks for all your replies!  Following your suggestions, I've
had no trouble ordering 2 references from a local Motorola Semiconductor
office (free!).  Attached is a list of sources of information for the
68040 & family.  And don't underestimate your college or company
library!  Thanks again for your responses; credit goes to:

  Mat			 -
  Parag Patel		 -
  Patrick Killourhy	 -
  Allen Briggs		 -
  Ken Nakata		 -
  Christopher R. Bowman	 -

Eylon Caspi



  Distributed at no charge by your local Motorola office
  (check phone book or for nearest site)

 > M68000PM/AD:   Programmer's Reference Manual
     Programming info & instruction sets for 68000, 020, 040, 68851,
     68881, 68882 (hmmm... "030" wasn't on the cover with the others).

 > MC68040UM/AD:  MC68040 User's Manual
     Detailed hardware & programming info regarding the MC68040.
 > MC68040DH/AD:  MC68040 Designer's Handbook
     Additional hardware info & interfacing issues.

 > Hardware info on other 68xxx models (020, 030, etc.) are available
     in other user's manuals, typically entitled "MC68xxx User's Manual."


 > Mastering the 68000 Microprocessor.  Robinson, TAB #1886

 > 68000, 68010, 68020 Primer.  Kelly-Bootle & Fowler, The Waite Group.
     Howard Sams & Co., 1985.

 > About a million other books (check your local bookstore)


 > Motorola University Support Program  (602) 952-3855
     Handles university orders for hardware & literature

 > Motorola WWW home page: