Subject: Re: seeking 68040 references
To: Eylon Caspi <>
From: mat <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/01/1994 16:35:52
At 6:40 PM 12/1/94, Eylon Caspi wrote:
>        What is/are the essential references for the 68040 chip and 680x0
>family?  And what might be a good place to get them?  All I have right now
>is the "M68000 8/16/32-bit Microprocessor User's Manual," 6th Ed.

A couple that I refer to are Prentice-Hall's MC68020 Users Manual, Second
Edition", released under the Motorola brandname. Also, "Mastering the 68000
Microprocessor" Robinson, TAB #1886. 'Course, they're both kinda old.

BTW, I just heard that Cindy and Richard have officially seperated. There's
hope for me yet! Now I just have to figure out which newsgroup I should
post her invitation to dinner in.

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