Subject: Re: Stupid Question
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Rob Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/14/1994 13:03:53
On Mon, 14 Nov 1994, Ken Nakata wrote:

> But what I'm concerned a little is whether or not Gestalt (sp?)
> returns the correct information when SoftFPU is installed.  Does
> anyone know if it does or not?  Maybe we should not be concerned
> if SoftFPU is installed or not, since MacBSD cannot boot with
> MacOS virtual memory turned on anyway.

If SoftFPU is installed, it will 1) change the Gestalt FPU type to 68881 
and 2) (at least with v3.0x), install a Gestalt selector "FPUE". If the 
selector FPUE is defined (the value is private), then SoftFPU is installed.

(and what does SoftFPU have to do with MacOS virtual memory?)

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