Subject: Re: ifconfig and power-off update
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/12/1994 19:02:58
>> s=3
>> rafp->af_aifaddr=-2143262438
>> rafp->af_addreq=ae0
>> I'm guessing that it's the middle value which is fouling things up.
>Doubtful.  Is your IP number something like 128.64.x.y or something like

My IP number is, although that's obtained through a bootp server 
on a VAX/VMS machine at  As was pointed out to me by, the af_aifaddr field is not an address, and is almost 
certainly not responsible for the tickling the VIA to turn my machine off.  
Since the same command ("ifconfig sl0 inet netmask") worked without a problem, it would be, as mycroft@gnu suggested, 
something about information about ae0 being taken from the kernel.

So far, this behavior has occurred both with the distributed kernels and with a 
kernel I compiled myself with Jeff's changes.  I'm going to try recompiling that 
just in case I had screwed something up the first time, but that has been tried.

>Can you try a test kernel if I can slap one together?  It'll have a
>semi-recent version of Jeff's e-net driver, but some fixes to the
>interrupt handling code (which doesn't look like it's making allowances
>for the RBV, as you mentioned Brad P. and Lawrence K. had suggested).

If you want to try putting a kernel together yourself with whatever changes, 
I'll be more than happy to try it out.  I'm dying to get this problem out of the 
way so that we can work on getting the ethernet driver working.  Once I've got 
that going, I think I'll be ready to switch over to MacBSD full time...