Subject: DCD and CTS (ser.c)
To: MacBSD Development <macbsd-development@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dave Leonard <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/12/1994 23:31:40
(Ignoring CTS for the moment)

Currently ser.c does not have anything activated for a change in DCD.
After adding a line to the end of the serial initialisation string:

         0, 0x10,
         1, 0x0a,       /* enable rcv and xmit interrupts. */
         9, 0x0e,       /* enable master interrupt bit d3. */
+       15, 0x28,       /* enable DCD(08) and CTS(20) interrupts */

the kernel begins to "hear" changes in dcd. So anyway after my attempt to 
activate the stubs that were there and fix the initialising of the dcd
field in the ser_status structure i couldnt get anything to work because
CLOCAL mode kept being wiped out!??! I cant figure this out, and since
I want to talk to my modem when it is offline (DCD low) and -clocal has
no effect I am winging here :)

Anyone working on ser.c?

If you are and you are having problems we might want to exchange notes
(or diffs, or syslogs)

David Leonard                
The University of Newcastle            4th year Engineering/CompSci student