Subject: Notes on ADB stuff request
To: None <,>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 10/30/1994 13:54:03
> From grantham Sat Oct 29 18:50:04 1994
> Subject: (Sigh) Corrections for ADB stuff
> To:,
> Here's a revised set of ADB commands.  If you could package the log
> file and mail it to me at (no MIME mail, please),
> I'd be grateful.
> 	log adbinfolog
> 	dm 192 20
> 	dm 1b2 20
> 	dm cf8^ 200
> 	pmgrop
> The log file will be "adbinfolog", probably in your System Folder.

Um...  I hate to bring this up, since I'm begging for information
in the first place, but I've had eight out of ten people send me
MIME encapsulations of their ADB log, even though I specifally
ask above *not* to send me MIME mail.  I think I can translate out
the ones I've received already, but please, if it's at all possible,
don't send me any more MIME mail.  I shouldn't have said "package"

		Thankful that so many people are helping,
Brad Grantham, ++++++++++++++++
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