Subject: Need more ADB ROM Stuff
To: None <,>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 10/29/1994 17:45:46
Well, now that I'm starting to see results from the ADB driver
on a PB 140, could some kind souls run the following commands on their
	IIx		IIci		SE/30
	IIvi		IIvx
for me, please?  (And any other machine if you are looking for a way to
waste ten minutes...)  (I can handle IIsi, II, and IIcx.)

Just drop MacsBug in your System Folder and reboot with the ctrl key down.
Then type these commands:  (lvl1dt equals "ell vee ell one dee tee")
("pmgrop" probably can't be found on IIx or SE/30.)

	dm lvl1dt 20
	dm lvl2dt 20
	dm adbbase 200

These items will fill in blanks that I need to complete, since there are
a few other bits and pieces the Power Manager driver needs.
I will be eternally grateful (and I think you might be a little grateful,
too, later this weekend).


P.S.  I'm still recovering my personal machine at Tenon from a minor
system crash, so your mail may bounce for the next hour or so.
Brad Grantham, ++++++++++++++++
UNIX is kind of like a car with primer but no paint, foam but no upholstery, a
V-8 with fuel injection but no brakes, and two dozen lights and indicators that
	  you have to know how to turn on before you can find them.