Subject: Re: Some gooey questions...
From: Allen 'Time?' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 10/20/1994 17:33:48
>         Just a quick question that will most likely sound stupid to the real
> UNIX programmers out there.  Is it possible to make MacBSD run X, and if so
> how?

Yes.  I think Brad Grantham has addressed this a bit.  He's gotten it
working.  Take a look at the dt source if you want info on how to access
the framebuffer w/o X.

> P.S.:  Does anyone know how standard CD ROM drivers are?  I've got an NEC
> Intersect 73 (way old) that I would like to access under UNIX.  Not so much
> for data as for music.

As someone else pointed out, I wrote a trivial program a while back to
just get my Toshiba to play music.  It should work on any computer that
supports the proper (standard) START/STOP play commands.  The driver
is the same (for the most part) as the NetBSD/i386 driver, so source
that works for that system should work here (if it's written right ;-).

Soon, I hope to be using exactly the same drivers.  There have been a
few changes that we've missed and the old reasons for having a separate
(high-level) driver aren't around any more...


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