Subject: Re: Some gooey questions...
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 10/20/1994 09:53:06
>         Just a quick question that will most likely sound stupid to the real
> UNIX programmers out there.  Is it possible to make MacBSD run X, and if so how?
> If not, why not?  And how would one display graphics under MacBSD if not?
> Surely UNIX itself MUST provide some primitive or standards.  If not, what is
> involved in directly access the Mac hardware, and wouldn't that differ from one
> Mac model to another ?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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> From: (grantham)
> Subject: Re: NetBSD/Mac68k and X11 Windows
> To: (Harrison, Kirk)
> Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 15:49:36 -36507155 (GMT-0800)
> Cc:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > Is there an X11 Windows distribution available for NetBSD/Mac68k?
> > I believe that I have found an X11R5 port to A/UX. How binary compatible
> > (if at all) are NetBSD/Mac68k and A/UX?
> > If there isn't an existing port of X11 (R4, R5, R6) to NetBSD/Mac68k are there
> > any interested developers who would like to be involved in a cooperative
> > effort to do so?
> I have patches for X11R6 config files and a set of sources for an Xmacbsd
> server that supports only one bit mode.  The server *was* running about
> three months ago, but Lawrence and I made substantial changes to the
> console code, and it hasn't been remade, although I think I've got the
> ddx up-to-date.  I've been trying to compile it for a little while,
> in the background to my current ADB efforts, but I've encountered
> some incompatibilites with twm and yacc and I seem to keep running
> out of virtual memory, despite the fact that I have 8M of physical
> and 48M of swap.  If you'd like to put in the time to work out some
> of the bugs, I'll put up my patches for you.  Do you have about
> 300M of free space to unpack X and hold the objects?
>                 -Brad
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> Brad Grantham, >+------+< Happily slaved to NetBSD/Mac68k!
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Since then I've gotten the server working again.
These patches are available in the form of xc.092894.tgz in, but only because I was
moving partitions on my hard disk and needed to get them off of my
Mac.  These may or may not be useful to you; I suggest doing a "tar
ztf" before you unpack them; they overlay on top of the existing
source tree directly.  They need a lot of work, but the server
seemed to work for me.  You may need the ROM kernel stuff to get
the server working properly.  If you aren't interested in digging
into this up to your elbows, don't even bother.

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