Subject: Re: Some gooey questions...
From: Valtteri Vuorikoski <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 10/20/1994 15:07:56
VOGAN@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU has randomly hit several keys, resulting in

>         Just a quick question that will most likely sound stupid to the real
> UNIX programmers out there.  Is it possible to make MacBSD run X, and if so how?
> If not, why not?  And how would one display graphics under MacBSD if not?
> Surely UNIX itself MUST provide some primitive or standards.  If not, what is
> involved in directly access the Mac hardware, and wouldn't that differ from one
> Mac model to another ?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

 The X server wasn't working last I heard. You can run X clients, but that doesn't
do much good since MacBSD doesn't support Ethernet or Localtalk so it'd be possible
to run ie. MacX on some other machine as the server. There's at least no portable way
to display graphics. If you like ascii graphics, that's the primitive/standard that
is provided. Accessing hardware differs from model to model, and I don't think
user-level programs can even access the hardware directly in Unix.

> P.S.:  Does anyone know how standard CD ROM drivers are?  I've got an NEC
> Intersect 73 (way old) that I would like to access under UNIX.  Not so much
> for data as for music.  But since the Booter goes through the Shutdown manager
> to restart, it kicks out the CD that would happily keep playing in the back
> ground otherwise!

 Someone posted an audio-CD player on the list a long time ago. Dunno if it's available

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