Subject: Re: Is 68040 kernel available??
To: David Neumann <>
From: Allen 'Time?' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 09/29/1994 11:48:16
> I have seen in the past (in either the general or development list) that
> somebody was working on getting the 68040 to work. Is a compiled version of
> this kernel available anywhere?? Since I have a Quadra 700 and cannot run
> with the current kernels, I would be willing to test a 68040 version in any
> state of development.

I'm currently developing for the Q700.  I'm stuck at the scsi driver and
have a lot of other stuff going on right now.  The kernel will currently
get as far as attempting to probe the SCSI bus.  No more.

If anyone knows the interrupt assignments for the Q700's VIAs it would
help.  I can't seem to figure out where the SCSI's DRQ line is attached
(haven't looked at it seriously for a little while).

In other news, I got the serial console working last night--at least for
the Q700 ;-)--and that will be in 1.0 when it's available (I really don't 
think that it'll be long, but don't ask me for a date)-:  This is not
the same as the serial boot echo (which I also fixed)--the serial console 
really is the console...  It hasn't been too thoroughly tested, but I
dinked around in the kernel debugger for a while with it.


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