Subject: Q700 questions
To: None <>
From: Allen `Tell me three times' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 09/01/1994 20:34:42
	Hey, howdy...  If anyone knows or can find out the answers to
these questions, I'd appreciate it:

	The Q700 documentation from mentions that
there's a bit in VIA1 that rearranges the interrupt controller to "A/UX"
mode.  Does anyone know which bit this is and how to use it?  Also, it
would be nice to know what other machines might have this nice feature.

	The same document points out the region(s) allocated for the
on-board SONIC ethernet controller.  Does anyone have any idea how this
region is arranged?  Where the registers are located, etc.?

	Any ideas?  If not, does anyone have time to try to ferret this
info out of the machine?


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