Subject: thanks re: programming for beginners
To: None <>
From: Lisa Leone <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/19/1994 09:09:33
Thanks to all who responded. I got a lot of opinions and suggestions,
some regarding reference materials which I plan to check out this

I decided to go with the Symantec Think C/ C++ package and audit a
course here at CMU to help me get started. I chose this package over
CodeWarrior because the people I talked to here at CMU (incidentally, I
work at the Software Engineering Institute as a project writer) told me
there is more support for the Syamntec products here on campus. True or
not, I am really excited about this endeavor.

Thanks again,

PS, I DO intend to keep writing since I gots the MA in professional
writing degree. I just figured that familiarity with a programming
language will help me in the long run since I want to design and write
software manuals :)