Subject: Re: 68882 emulation code ?
To: None <>
From: kr <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/16/1994 18:49:52
I finally received a reply. He was on vacation. I tried to check out this
mentioned Aesop BBS, but the connection was quite flaky. I got interrupted
and had to retry multiple times. I snooped around a little bit, and found a
category named "simulators". Unfortunately all items merely consisted of
advertisement files by commercial companies, advertising software emulators
for the entire m68k family (pretty nifty), running on a wide range of
platforms. Addresses and phone numbers were included, but no pricing
information. I do not think I would want to know anyway.

But I did not see any pointers to freely available source code for any of
this, not even the FPUs. So there might be a real problem...
>Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 09:44:03 cst
>From: "Dumas John R13512" <>
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>To: (kr),
>Subject: Re: 68882 emulation code ?
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>>Dear Sysop
>>I have revisited the high-performance BBS. Specifically, I am searching
>>source code for FPU emulation, that would entirely simulate a 68882. Are
>>you aware of such software, and where it would be available ? In searching
>>around on the BBS, I did not find anything resembling this. I would have
>>thought that this is a straight-forward piece of code that Motorola most
>>certainly must have developed and which would be ideally suited for this
>>kind of a BBS. Your help would be appreciated.
>What you see on the High-Performance BBS is all that I have. Perhaps the
>Aesop BBS would have what you want. The data number is 1-800-843-3451 or
>(512) 891-3650. Aesop connects at 14.4 down to 300 baud. The Aesop BBS
>supports the High Performance MPUs, specifically the 680x0 family.
>>I also noticed that the BBS is still not on the Internet, which I of course
>>(along with many other people) think is absolutely essential. Could you
>>please forward to me the name and e-mail address of your supervisor, or the
>>person in charge for making these decisions ?
>My immediate supervisor is totally in our camp! (We been lobbying for
>Internet for several years). I will forward a copy of this to him and
>the manager of our network services....
>>I would like to send a short note to the person in charge, explaing
>>why it is necessary to improve the connectivity. That a world-
>>spanning company with a commitment to total customer satisfaction is
>>not able to get a simple BBS-box on the Internet is quite deplorable
>>at best. I hope that with a little bit more pushing and prodding of the
>>appropriate management, we can finally move the BBS to a more accessible
>>Thank you for your efforts in any case.
>>Markus Krummenacker
>Thank you for your comments and for selecting Motorola.

Markus Krummenacker