Subject: Re: server problems?
To: John G. Kuzma <>
From: Allen `Tell me three times' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/08/1994 22:33:53
> OK, what's going on with I've been trying to get
> the sources after hearing there's hope for my IIsi, but it's unavailable.
> Also, is this still the correct place to be ftp'ing from?

It's still running NetBSD 0.9 with an NE2000 ethernet controller.  It's
never been real stable, but with that card, it's particularly bad.  I'm
waiting until the 1.0 floppies are available before updating it to 1.0.
(It's a 486DX2/66...)

It is still the canonical place.


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