Subject: Re: booting trouble
To: Richard Wackerbarth <>
From: Allen `Tell me three times' Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 08/07/1994 18:36:24
> I'm not really sure what is happening but will make some suggestions.
> 1) Is the swap partition present on the MAXTOR?

This is required.  The root and swap must be on the same drive for
the GENERIC kernel.

> 2) Did you specify the correct drive to the booter?
> 3) Is the booter on an HFS partition of the MAXTOR?

If not 2, then it wouldn't have even been able to load the kernel
(unless the kernel's coming from MacOS).  There's no reason for 3
at all, and it should work fine, even if the booter's on floppy.


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