Subject: netbsd-current binaries
To: None <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/20/1994 08:40:00
Well, I finally got to install the netbsd-current binaries(as of July 18)
from last night, and used netbsd-071194 kernel. Here is my

1) I had to use dev files from beta-1 release, since the current binaries
did not have them. I also used all the etc files from beta-1 release since
I had all passwd files, and slip client stuff configured in /etc/rc and
other /etc files (ttys, remote, hostname.sl0, slip.hosts, slip.login etc.)

  I botted fine. I used desktop/dt and it works like a charm. I love the
pointer, cut and paste with mouse worked well, within vi and emacs also.
Scrolling features of the desktop are also great. What a super job you
Alice team , Allen, Lawrence, Brad, (and others whom I  do not know). It is
like having aixterm. 

2) I used slip connection to my office. Tip worked fine. The network worked
just fine. For some reason, I was having netbsd-071194 kernel to have
problem with networking when I was usin beta-1 binaries, but not in current

3) I recompiled the latest sys files. I am still having identical problems
as I had with beta-1 compilation. I comment out the FPSP options in conf
file, the kernel loads OK. But I can not boot from it. I get 24 gray
bars.Leaving the FPSP options out does not load netbsd, because of
undefined references(bsun and other 68040 related functions).

4) I tried to recompile ps and I had some kvm functions missing. So I tried
to compile libkvm from lib source. I had some assembler error messages.

5) hfs has the same problems. I can browsw macos files. I can copy files
smaller than 4096 bytes. On larger files(> 4096 bytes) I get Memory Fault.

6) Overall I found the kernel and desktop very stable. No problem
rebooting. I had no frozen screen. 

7) Fast return keys still hangs the kernel, but I get immediately into dt
where the problem disappers.

Anyway, compiling the kernel stuff is not my priority, since you guys are
doing a great job with that. I am mostly a user. And I think that from a
user point of view, the latest (current) binaries together with the
netbsd0-71194 kernel , are working very well.

Thanks once again to you all for a remarkable job.

Bharat S. Jhaveri