Subject: Re: Mac disassembler available?
To: kr <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 07/10/1994 20:44:16
On Sat, 9 Jul 1994, kr wrote:

> At 14:36 7/8/94 -0700, Peter Siebold wrote:
> >I just got a dump of my IIvx ROM's and assume that the adb implimentaion
> What did you do to get this dump ?

I used Rommie, and is available on sumex-aim in /info-mac/dev

> >would be on the ROM level (or is it on the system software?).  Is there
> It might have been patched by loaded system software, though I do not know.

I just disconnected my hard disk, and turned on my IIvx, and when I get 
the little disk icon waiting for a disk, I can move my mouse, and see the 
pointer.  This tells me that the adb machine specific code is somewhere 
on ROM, not in either the System, or System Enabler 001.

> >any program that I can use to disassemble the ROM resources to look at
> If you find such a disassembler, would you please let me know too ? Thanx.

I used a patched version of ResEdit with a Code editor instead of a Hex 
Editor.  Check out  in 
systems/ for the description on how to hack ResEdit.

Unfortunatly I thought that the adb code would be a little more obvious 
in the ROM dump.  Is there anyone out there with a little bit of reverse 
engineering experience like to take a look at the ROM dump and see what 
they can find?

What is the deal with the adb controler chip?  Isn't this a Motorola 
chip, and souldn't you be able to get the docks for it?  Are there any 
other platforms that use this chip?  If the C-650 also uses this chip, 
would we be able to look at the A/UX(3.0 and later) kernel that would then 
support this adb chip?

Would having a machine to test on help out Brad "adb guy" to get this 
working, or are we at a dead end without some more documentation?  If 
this would help, are there any interested IIvx owners in the bay area 
that would be able to loan their machine for development?  I can set my 
IIvx up on slip, and give brad the keys.  Would this help with 
development at all?


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