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Subject: Re: Motrola literatures (Was Re: What doesn't work on a IIsi)
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> But I have some problem to get the literature I need.  I guess all I
> need is _Programmer's Reference Manual_ (or M68000PM/AD by their doc#)
> but Motorola's phone numbers I have don't seem to work for me...

Umm...  I think there are some better references.  Specifically, the
68881/68882 manual would be extremely helpful--as would a 68030 manual.
I think that motorola also has application notes for doing the FPU
emulation.  Also, the NetBSD code, as of a day or two ago, had the
directory src/sys/arch/m68k/fpsp which is a set of emulation routines
for the FPU instructions that the 68040 doesn't do, but the '88[12] do.
That would be another valuable reference--especially for the exception

> If any one of you know better ways to reach them or
> bookstores/whatever in NYC/NJ area who carry and sell the manual,

I unfortunately don't have any more ideas on how to reach them...

> The calculation part is a bunch of bit operations, so
> it's not the hardest part, I guess.

It might have some more surprises than you might imagine--especially in
the odd cases...  Remember that we would like it to be as close as
possible to a "real" FPU, and as fast as possible...


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