Subject: Question about /etc/passwd
To: None <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/30/1994 09:36:22
Well, I figured out how to get my IIvx booted, and set up slip in 
/etc/netstart.  Then I used macOS to start slip, and then booted muli 
user and it worked!!  So now I can go to another terminal and telnet into 
my machine.  There is one problem however.

The problem is that my IIvx does not boot into single user becasue adb 
is not supported.  Do I first have to boot single user, and use 
vipw to change the /etc/passwd entries before I can boot into multi 
user?  , or is the default /etc/passwd file setup without passwords for 
the users.  I don't remember exactly what /etc/passwd looks like, but 
something like this.


does "*" represent the encripted password, or does it mean a wildcard.

Basically, would someone be willing to tar a /etc/passwd file with the 
appropriate permissions, and mail it to me uuencoded?  Obviously I don't 
want to jepardise your system security, so you could create a new user 
with su privileges, and then after tar you could erase it again.  
Basically I would be eternally grateful.

otherwise, if none of this would work, I guess I would just wait until 
the new adb code is ready, but I would really like to start playing.  
Thanks for all the help.

Peter Siebold

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