Subject: Re: kernel
To: MacBSD Development <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 06/21/1994 18:08:52
> Are the sources in the "compile_kern" directory on cray-ymp current 
> enough for me to compile a new kernel? 
> I have the new ADB code, and would like to put it, and the console code, 
> into a newly compiled kernel. 
> What do I need to do?!

They (the sources in compile_kern) are pitifully out of date.  The current
kernel doesn't boot on any machines at the moment, anyway.  I'm working on
figuring out why.

Brad and Lawrence have been working with old (~2 month-old?) sources...

I'll put up the current sources tonight in compile_kern, and if anyone
can get 'em to work, please let me know how...  (user-land stuff _might_
work if you can get the current kernel built and booted--no guarantees ;-)


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