Subject: Re: perl on macbsd : Thanks Rod
To: Rod Morehead <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/10/1994 08:29:35
>I had to do the ALIGNBYTES thing also. There are not that many occurances
>so you could do search and replace, but I think that I just used a macro
>in a config header file: 
>#define setjmp  _setjmp
>#define longjmp _longjmp
>Like emacs, it has been several months since I compiled. But, other than the
>setjmp/longjmp stuff it was about as easy as emacs.

The _setjmp, _longjmp changes worked out fine. I recompiled perl last night
and except for one dbm tsest, all test cases ran successfully. Rod, I
sincerely appreciate your help with getting perl working. With emacs and
perl on my mac at home, it is really nice to learn and play with Unix. 

As you helped me with compiling and running the latest gcc (with
-traditional flag), I had originally tried using this gcc for perl. It had
worked, except for two routunes, util.c and tutil.c in perl. Finally, I had
to  compile these two routines with cc that came with the macbsd. I thought
taht maybe my gcc library was not complete. (BTW util.c and tutil.c were
giving parse errors with some va_list.) So I went back to gnu archives and
got "glibc-1.07.tar" files, thinking that they would have missing routines.
But, I could never get glibc to get past problems with sysdep.S routine
(sysdeps/unix/bsd/hp/m68k/sysdep.S). I have two questions.

 1) Do I really need to compile glibc library? Or that my problems with
using gcc with perl util.c were for some other reasons?

 2) (If I do need glibc,) have you compiled it before and have any

In any case, now that perl has compiled succesfully, glibc need has
disappeared. But if you do have any thoughts, I will love to play some
more, getting both glibc and finally libg++ compiled.

I think the main thing is emacs and perl are working right, and I thank you
for that. Since, we are in the same area, may I show my appreciation by
inviting you (and your family) to dinner? Please let me know.

Bharat S. Jhaveri