Subject: Re: BETA-1
To: None <>
From: CS major) < (Nakata Ken>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/05/1994 14:15:27
(Allen wrote)
>Could you tell me when the panic(s) happened?  I think it's the same
>kernel as BETA-0...  It is the same kernel that I've been running for
>several days, now...

Now I'm getting another kind of panics. When (probably "whenever") I
exit shell (whether csh, sh or bash), it falls to kernel debugger.  It
says as follows:

panic: /
a 8 /
a S B ,
Stopped at _Debugger+0x6:_Debugger+$7fffffff: unlk a6

Then it hungs.  I hope this gives some clue...