Subject: Re: BETA-1
To: None <>
From: CS major) < (Nakata Ken>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/05/1994 00:19:16
>> introduced with BETA-1 (I have never got a kernel panic with BETA-0
>> kernel), and self configuration procedure doesn't run successfully
>Could you tell me when the panic(s) happened?  I think it's the same
>kernel as BETA-0...  It is the same kernel that I've been running for
>several days, now...

Aw... that's strange... maybe it was my mistake with macgzip; I did
ascii uncompress on dev.tgz first by mistake.  Then I ascii-compressed
it again and binary-uncompress it. I thought it was Ok but now I'm not

The panics occurred when I logged out in multi-user mode, and when I
invoked vi to see /etc/rc file in single user mode.  I haven't seen
such panics (actually no panics) with the BETA-0 kernel at all.

>> I tried to see what's wrong with /etc/rc, but I couldn't do that due
>Thanks...  I appreciate your effort...  Hopefully I'll be able to test

No! don't thank me!  We, users are the ones who have to thank you for
putting MacBSD out!!  Besides it's literally my pleasure (What other
than fun would I get into this kind of trouble for? :-).

>this stuff mo' better when the rest of my hard drive storage appears...