Subject: Re: BETA-1
To: CS major) < (Nakata Ken>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/04/1994 23:57:03
> I tried and failed.

Bummer :-(

> introduced with BETA-1 (I have never got a kernel panic with BETA-0
> kernel), and self configuration procedure doesn't run successfully

Could you tell me when the panic(s) happened?  I think it's the same
kernel as BETA-0...  It is the same kernel that I've been running for
several days, now...

> either.  I get complaints about read only filesystem (of course /) and
> unfound "mount", "touch" and so on.  Apparently it tries to accessing
> filesystems before properly mounting them.

oof.  That's what I get for making assumptions about the path...  I've
just gone through and made all the paths absolute.

> I tried to see what's wrong with /etc/rc, but I couldn't do that due

Thanks...  I appreciate your effort...  Hopefully I'll be able to test
this stuff mo' better when the rest of my hard drive storage appears...


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