Subject: Re: BETA 0 installation success!
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/03/1994 18:53:54
>Actually, rc should build fstab on a multi-user boot, do some more stuff,
>then copy rc.distribution over itself.

I was wondering about that.  I am new to unix administration and I thought
I needed a /etc/rc file to boot.  Since there wasn't one I copied
rc.distribution as /etc/rc.

>Hmm.  We moved to tty00 and tty01 to move toward a more standard naming
>convention.  If you still want to use ser0 and ser1, feel free to modify
>your local MAKEDEV ;-)

The only reason I am using ser0 is because there were no devices in
dev.tar.  I didn't remove my /dev directory so I am still using ser0.  What
are the parameters to MAKEDEV to build more than one tty.  I think I did a
"MAKEDEV std" at one point, but not a lot of devices were created.  I tried
"MAKEDEV tty*" but the mknod complained about improper usage.  (Pause)  I
tried it again, let me repeat, I am kinda new...  I entered MAKEDEV tty00
and I got a device that matched /dev/ser0.  Is there any easier way then
running this once for each device?

>Hmmm...  I haven't seen this.  What system are you on?  I don't know
>what the IP PC and SC commands are--I'm assuming that one is the stack
>trace.  You should be able to get a list of commands by typing 'help.'
>The command to get a stack trace is "trace."  Keyboard support in the
>debugger is, shall we say, buggy...

IP PC shows about ten instructions before and after the PC.

SC does a stack crawl and displayes procedure names.

I will just try some commands.

>The current sys.tar should be up to date on that score.

The 4/30 sys.tar has more problems in compat/sunos/=.  In building netbsd,
it complains about missing _rexit, _saccess, and _sysacct in one of the sun

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