Subject: Re: BETA 0 installation success!
To: John D. Smerdon <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/02/1994 22:34:21
> I noticed the rc.distribution and but failed to copy as
> fstab.  A cpin and cpout while running the MacOS Installer utility fixed
> that.

Actually, rc should build fstab on a multi-user boot, do some more stuff,
then copy rc.distribution over itself.

> I have been using /dev/ser0 as the serial port.

Hmm.  We moved to tty00 and tty01 to move toward a more standard naming
convention.  If you still want to use ser0 and ser1, feel free to modify
your local MAKEDEV ;-)

> The "shutdown -r now" usually ends up at the debugger prompt.  That is a
> little irritating.  Is there documentation on the debugger commands?  Is
> there a MacsBugs equivalent to IP PC and SC?

Hmmm...  I haven't seen this.  What system are you on?  I don't know
what the IP PC and SC commands are--I'm assuming that one is the stack
trace.  You should be able to get a list of commands by typing 'help.'
The command to get a stack trace is "trace."  Keyboard support in the
debugger is, shall we say, buggy...

> To build the kernel you also need updates to
> the /compat/sunos/= (?) files because of syntax errors.

The current sys.tar should be up to date on that score.

> I really like the games! :-)

Cool!  I haven't run anything from games but fortune ;-)


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