Subject: Re: BETA 0 installation success!
To: None <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 05/02/1994 18:43:40
At 07:40 AM 05/02/94 -0400, chas williams wrote:
>Interesting, i tried building a new kernel with sources that are only a few
>days old (May 1) and it hands after something like 13 gray bars.  Do I also
>need the latest version of perhaps?

The sources on sun-lamp are a moving target.  I might have been lucky that
all of the pieces were up to date when the tar file was created.

I am getting the 4/30 sources now and will try to compile it.

>On another note, is anyone else running beta 0 experiencing the keyboards
>problems?  Last night, I noticed (how could I miss it) that macbsd would
>seem to "forget" to read my keyboard.  After a few minutes (or if i
>bothered to unplug the keyboard and plug it in) macbsd would begin reading it
>fine.  Its very intermittent, and it seems to occur at random.  Once, it
>occurred when i typed ahead, just before getty got started, and another time
>when i performing a large ftp transfer over SLIP.
>I am using a slightly non standard keyboard.  It's a Datadesk International.

I have had some keyboard problems when the kernel drops into the debugger.
Sometimes, after several characters are entered, it hangs.  I haven't had
the problem at any other time.

I also have the console hang when uploading at 57600.  Telnet sessions
still work OK but the console is hung.

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