Subject: RFH (Request For Help)
To: MacBSD Development <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/27/1994 22:33:52
This is a solicitation for ideas.

I'm currently 34 semester hours short of graduation from Virgina Tech.  I
have been working full-time, but am feeling more need to finish classes
before I drift too far away from the academic scene...

Anyway, I'm trying to come up with ideas on projects to try to complete
in order to turn some of my MacBSD work into credits.  I am looking for
ideas of things to do which are easy to validate, possible to accomplish
in a relatively short/finite amount of time, and that have positive effects
on at least the Macintosh segment of the NetBSD community.  Please don't
say "port to X" or "port to X and Y."

Here's a list of some ideas that I've thought about so far.  If you have
any to add, please send me e-mail.


	Clean-up/performance tuning -- there's a lot of stuff here and it's
					a bit nebulous to try to evaluate
	Q700 SCSI/Ethernet -- easy to evaluate, benefits few
	X11R6 server/clients/shared libs -- COOL!  But not much to do w/ BSD
	Documentation -- Desperately needed.
	A/UX emulation? -- Heh
	MO driver -- Needed, could affect whole {Free/Net}BSD community
	Rearrange memory mapping to support non-contiguous memory --
		boon for IIci/IIsi/etc
	Exportable package/packaging -- needs to be done, boring.

Hmm...  Looking at that list, it should almost be an independent study in
polishing and delivering software ;-)  *sigh*  I'm definitely open to ideas.