Subject: Re: More fun!
To: None <>
From: Ken Nakata CS major/CIS dept. <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/25/1994 23:29:16
>I have uploaded new binaries.  I haven't tested them, but they should be
>the same as what I'm running at home.
>I would appreciate hearing whether it works for anyone else ;-)
>The goods are in
>There is a short README there.
>It may be an easy update.  It might be very painful.  You have been

I'm trying it anyway... The ld came with Alpha2 dies on SIGSEGV when
I'm building Standard ML of New Jersey and I've decided to wait for
new source release for kernel hacking...  So, it wouldn't hurt even if
it's painful ;-).  I'll let you know how it is when I install it.


Ken Nakata