Subject: Re: Traffic
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Laurent Demailly <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/25/1994 12:08:03
I run macbsd home on my Mac SE/30, whith lapis 8bit card (in 1 bit
only, in more it doesn't work at all (not even slowly)) I have about
150Mbytes from my 170 external drive dedicated to macbsd (16Mb swap).
I have 8Mb of memory (8x1) ... hmmm what else ? ahhh I run SLIP over a
Supra 144LC modem, I get 1.2-1.3 kbytes via FTP (V32bis+V42bis) to my
mac... it crashes sometimes... (especially when I try "w" , or "telnet
someplace" when the link is down) but i'm already quite happy !
I'd love to have a working "ps" !!! I tried rebuild from the
netbsd-current sources, but i miss the kvm lib :/
I have a complete nightly mirror of NetBSD_Mac here 
ftp in /mac/mirror/NetBSD_Mac

I plan building tcl/itcl/tcl-dp,... [tk as soon as X will be here!]...

I'd love a binary of emacs... or jove... 'cause I hate vi !

What else ?

Laurent Demailly - finger for PGP key