Subject: macbsd census
To: None <>
From: David - Foulds <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/24/1994 20:52:56
I'm embarassed to own I'm running macbsd with no problems, probably
on account of my antique original Mac II w/ PMU I bought in 1988
for A/UX.  Before I found out about macbsd I ponied up the $250 for
an A/UX upgrade, only to find out the CD isn't ISO9660.  I'm now
seeing whether or not its just UFS stamped on a CD, but this
requires a device driver for my SBPro Panasonic CD under BSD (which 
has UFS, while Linux which has the DD doesn't have UFS) which I am
therefore writing through a Frankenstein operation on the Linux 
SBPro device driver and the BSD Mitsumi one.  I today read the
ISO primary descriptor off an ISO CD with my driver under BSD 
so it shouldn't be long now.  That accomplished,
I plan to turn to macbsd with a will.  I'm interested in what Alice feels
outstanding priorities are at this juncture.

P.S., I'll start archiving the list (locally) if nobody else is.

Cheers, David