Subject: Re: Traffic
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 04/24/1994 18:54:10
On Sun, 24 Apr 1994, Allen Briggs wrote:

> Well, since this list is dead, I'd like to liven it up a bit.  Not for the
> sake of just doing it, but I think we could benefit from some more input.

Dead is an understatement.

> I'd like to get a rough census of how many people on this list are currently
> running BSD, on which macs.  I'd also like to know how many people aren't
> able to run it, and which macs they've got.

I can't run it, I Have a Duo 230 and a Mac Performa 450 (LCIII). I;ve 
been waiting for anouncment of a new version in the mail list, so this 
version may exist on the ftp site (which I have lost...), but...

> Is there anyone who has time and inclination to keep these kinds of
> statistics?

<sigh> I have the inclination, but no time...

> Of course, I'd like to hear from anyone who's working on any kinds of
> projects with NetBSD/Mac.

I had done some work with the installer to improve the interface, but 
then a new version came out so I scrapped it rather than port my changes 
over... If I ever have time maybe I'll do it again... not hard, but a 
little time consuming...
Happy New Year!!!       -Rob Hagopian