Subject: Device overhaul
To: MacBSD Development <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/27/1994 13:02:10
The devices are/were a mess.  Any complaints if I change the format
of conf.c to be more like the i386 conf.c?  I like it better than
the hp300 style.  Several of the major/minor numbers were wrong.
MAKEDEV more closely matches reality, now, and I was able to mount
and ISO-9660 CD w/ rockridge extensions, but the system hung half-way
through a directory listing.  I'm going to fool around with a utility
to play audio CDs.  If you know of a command-line-based tool for
Julian's SCSI system, please save me the trouble and let know about

I'm also changing the boot device handling to be more standard.  Root
will be on whatever the boot device was (sd1a in my case).  This will
screw up fstabs, but it will still be possible to boot single-user and
fix that up.

I have also ripped out the old scsi system and replaced it with the
one from the "magnum" branch on sun-lamp.  It fully (well, at least
mostly ;-) supports the system, so that'll be a net gain.
I haven't seen any problems with it, yet, so it will probably get
onto sun-lamp with these other changes sometime tonight or tomorrow
night.  (Depends on how long it takes me to get an audio play program
working, or give up on it--I'll post that, too ;-)


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