Subject: Re: Can anyone answer...
To: Brad Parker <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/24/1994 17:05:06
> I disagree.  In my opinion the non-jellied side (using your example)
> has regions of micro-turbulence (so called "swirls") caused my the
> pores of the bread.

I concede.  An internal audit showed that our experiments were
being disrupted by under-fed researchers who where, shall we say,
influencing, the study by introducing random perturbations in the
test media.  We were able to re-run the experiments after correcting
the problem (by introducing institutional jelly and providing a 
hearty breakfast for the researchers), and our findings now corroberate
yours.  My sincere apologies for any confusion.

In other news, I uploaded netbsd.940123 last night which should fix
the "multiple disks" problem (again).  Apparently it became OBSOLETE
in the ftp reorganization, so it can be found as:

This, again, does not include the IIci changes, and was only moved into
obsolete because it didn't conform to the new ftp site structure.

As I mentioned to Brad G., if this doesn't fix the multiple disks problem,
I'll skip a meal.  ;-)