Subject: Re: kernel source changes
To: Space Case <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/18/1994 10:43:12
> A recent change to the kernel sources has me stymied.  In kern/kern_exec.c,
> reference is made to nexecs and execsw[].  I resolved another change by
> looking at the i386 sources, but they didn't help this case.  Where do
> these get defined?  Did I miss a file?  (I have to scan the tree manually
> to find changed files.  I might have missed one.)

cgd has been revamping exec.  Should be nice when he's done, but it
will be confusing for a few...  I'm working on trying to catch up.
Unfortunately, I'll be travelling today and tomorrow.  If I survive
the trip (I should get hazard pay for this--ice all over and I'll
be driving a van w/ rear-wheel drive instead of my compact w/ f.w.d
--Ugh), I'll look at it this weekend.


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